Ambrina - No.1 herbal male sex enhancer. Instant Rockhard Erections and increased stamina.
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Welcome To The Homepage Of Ambrina !

Best Herbal Remedy For Male Erectile Dysfunction

Ambrina is a magic herbal supplement of the new millennium. It is most stimulating, vitalizing and harmless herbal sex supplement for men. Ambrina rekindles passion and enhances the amount of libido. The tonic has been prepared with the essence of most precious Himalayan natural herbs processed under Ayurvedic discipline of medical science. There are no side effects of ambrina.

The aphrodisiac effects of herbs included in ambrina herbal supplement starts on the same day with it's first dose in 1-2 hours. Ambrina gives instant satisfaction as well as long-term overall benefits to your sexual health.

A tiny pill of ambrina have many magical effects. It is formulated with herbs specifically famous for treatment of poor erection, impotency, premature ejaculation, weakness and lack of confidence, Low Libido, Erectile Dysfunction and less sexual desire & performance. Ambrina also works for the following aspects of sexual health and vigor;

Prevention Of Premature Ejaculation:
Herbs included in ambrina does not reduce the sex playing time of a male. The continuous use of this supplement increases sex playing time of a male. It prevents premature ejaculation. Please note, ambrina is not a cure or treatment for premature ejaculation. For permanent removal of premature ejaculation one can take daily two tablets of NinoPills or one capsule of Nino-DS daily with half to one tablet of ambrina.

AMBRINA - is most power herbal sex tonic in the world. The herbs included in formula of this supplement, increases male stamina, power and vitility. So it gives Rock Hard and Fast Erections to a male and male can stay hard longer during sex. It is available in brown colour pills and also in form of pink tablets.....

Maximum Length Of The Male Member:

Herbal Supplement Ambrina helps to overcome erectile dysfunction issues, small size erections or weak erections and poor self-image. It gives a full erection to men and contineous use of ambrina helps to get the full size erections.

Herbal Alternative to Pharmacy Pills:
Ambrina produces instant improvement in every aspect of sex and gives faster arousal, astonishing hardness, super potency and ultimate control. It is more better than pharmacy pills in market. It has no side effects.

Male Libido Enhancer:
Herbs used in ambrina increases Energy, Stamina, and Libido in men. Although ambrina is exclusively for men and it's herbal formulation is a natural aphrodisiac for men. But during various experiments it was discovered that it has an amazing effect on females. Half pill of ambrina increases the sex desire in women.
However, the females ( specially pregnant women) should avoid the use of ambrina.

Shipping Charges

From FEB 07, 2012, the revised schedule of shipping charges will be as given below;

FOR Australia, U.K, USA and other major countries:
USD 4.00 + 5% of the products value

For Canada, India, Israel, South Africa and some other countries:
USD 16.00 + 3% of the products value
These Cahrges will be automatically calculated, when you will select your country at the time of checkout.


Discount Coupons

From FEB 015, 2014, discount on larger orders is not calculated automatically. However, regular buyers or repeat customers can use following discount coupons at the checkout time;

Enter The Code SPECIAL300 For 15% Discount

Enter The Code SPECIAL400 For 20% Discount

FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS ABOVE 200 USD(If A Discount Coupon Is Not Used)

90 days money back juarantee. For more details ...

Chest Burning Or Acid Reflux?

Are you suffering from higher acidity, chest burning sensations or acid reflux or sex boosters, create burning sensations in your chest or stomatch? There is a help. ACIREM Herbal Capsules help in case of chest burning or Acid reflux. If you feel burning sensation after taking any thing, like Achar, Vinegar, Spices or herbal pills, then take a pill one hour before lunch. If you feel this sensation after taking any pills, then also take that pill in middle of your meals.

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